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Nowadays the Pusuno HPP is under construction, this project takes the water of the river with the same name. The power houses are located near the Misahuallí parish, in the Amazon region and has a total installed power of 38 MW.

To carry out this engineering work, CVA will build access roads of 4 km in length to access the powerhouses and the water catchment. In addition, another preliminary works are necessary for the execution of this work, such as warehouses, concrete aggregate production plants, well-equipped camps in several areas of the project that will house the hundreds of workers and engineers who will work on the project, executing this project with state-of-the-art technology that will contribute to the country's energy supply.



ELITENERGY has obtained all the legal requirements, such as:

  • Government concession (2014-05-20)

  • Environmental permits (2014-06-11)

  • Water concession (2014-03-07)

  • Electrical feasibility studies (2014-02-21)


The Project has two powerhouses in cascade:

  • CENTRAL-1 with 22 MW and CENTRAL-2 with 16 MW.

  • The intake is at 755 m.a.s.l, the water restitution level is at 382 m.a.s.l and the design flow is 12 m3/s.



The hydroelectric Pusuno focuses its social policy of human development in a holistic  manner  by  granting  importance  to education, gender equality, democratic participation and social inclusion. 

Training that will lead to develop self-management of the people themselves will run. The construction of this project marks a milestone in the history of the region and is a work that will provide for the purpose of the Government putting an end to rationing and blackouts and enables the State to save millions of dollars replacing the purchase of energy to neighbouring countries and the import of diesel for thermal plants.

This work will produce energy, but will also lead to the progressof the area with a comprehensive social concept of humandevelopment, promoting a life with adequate conditions for their inhabitants respecting the environment as a priority and consolidating to Ecuador as a suitable place for large private investments.





The 90% of the civil work will be constructed on rock, ensuring the geotechnical stability. ELITENERGY have installed an automatic flow measuring probes, which collect data every 30 minutes the actual river amount of water. Our team has socialized the project and has developed good community relationships.

Construction begins on Pusuno river



Pusuno´s hydroelectric power plant

​Pusuno´s hyroelectric, of 39,5 MW, is located in Napo provine taking into advantage the natural forcé of Pusuno river.



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