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 Constructora Villacreces Andrade S.A. is a privately registrated company that offers engineering and building services inside and outside Ecuador.

CVA acknowledges that the quality of its services, the prevention of environmental pollution, safety and personnel health of its personnel is everyone’s responsibility and should be part of the company’s objectives.

We make our commitment a reality by:

• Fulfilling the existing legal normative of the country where we are     working, taking care of the environment, and respecting the dispositions of safety and occupational health, as well as other obligations assumed by the company.

• Acquiring top technology to stay ahead from our competitors,  offering excellent services, innovating techniques to be applied in our new projects, and giving the necessary resources for the constant improvement of our processes, which translates into better results for our  shareholders, clients and community.

• Strengthening the human talent so that their training and personal realization contributes to the improvement of the company through an integrated management system with policies and procedures.

• Implementing integral action plans to achieve the objectives and goals set by the Management to promote the growth of the company and the satisfaction of our customers.

The above mentioned policy is documented, implemented, communicated, and reviewed on regular basis, and will be available for the interested parties and others who might request it.
Roberto Villacreces Oviedo
Constructora Villacreces Andrade S.A

Galo Balda Santos
Gerente General
Constructora Villacreces Andrade S.A                                                                  02 de Junio de 2016.




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