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Vocación, experiencia y conocimiento.



Gustavo Villacreces Andrade, as a student, worked with his father in several engineering projects: irrigation, road systems, port facilities in Manta, low cost housing, climate studies and cloud treatment, construction of irrigation pumps and sprinklers, etc.Through this experience, he developed a vocation for exact sciences and learned that research of our reality should be considered in the application of foreign theories. He always followed a rigid code of ethics.Once he graduated as a Civil Engineer in the Central University of Ecuador, he began his work in the Agricultural Reform process.When he came back to Ecuador, after attending a seminar on low-cost housing sponsored by a scholarship from Israel (1969), he began to work privately under the name of Constructora G.V.A.


He did studies and build several civil projects over 14 years or the NGO Ecuadorian Central of Agricultural Services, CESA (acronym in Spanish)--a non-profit foundation in the poor rural area financed by BID and other protestant and catholic foundations specially from Europe.  In 1979 the consultant Company G.V.A. developed the irrigation studies for 1.500 hectares in a very poor area of the Chimborazo Province  (Chingazo – Pungales, Cantón Guano).



In 1980, due to the trustworthiness of the company, the responsibility of the construction of the irrigation system mentioned previously, was given by CESA, this project was completed in 18 months, whilst similar projects usually carried out by the INERHI, took several years.

Due to the magnitude of the work, and mainly because of the irregular and rocky topography of the zone, the Constructora G.V.A. bought heavy equipment, which opened new possibilities for the Company to work on roads, irrigation, housing, etc. After and during the 9 following years, the company built second and third level roads in the provinces of Chimborazo, Bolívar, and     El Oro, as well as different projects for the Province Council of Chimborazo, the Ecuadorian Housing Bank and the INERHI.

After that, the Company expanded to the Highlands and Coastal provinces of Ecuador building irrigation systems, roads, drinking water and sewer systems, buildings, and infrastructure projects.

In 1990, for the first time, the company entered in the Amazon Region as a contractor of Petroproduccion, building access roads and platforms, and doing maintenance of different locations handled by the national petroleum company.


Since then, CVA had been a contractor for almost all private and public companies that operate or have  operated in the Amazon Region.

This gave the opportunity to the company to diversify its services to various branches of civil engineering such as mechanics, electro mechanics, authomatization and control, assembly, generation, environmental remediation, among others related with the building of surface facilities.

In 1996 it became a Limited Company, under the name of Constructora Villacreces Andrade (CVA). With time, it has explored other fields of engineering, construction, mining, and housing.

Nowadays, it is a solid, growing, diversifying Company with almost 3.000 professionals who robustly contributed to CVA’s strengthening and the growth of Ecuador.

It also has more than 400 units of equipment for road construction, mining, and transportation, which allows us to give prompt solutions to its customers.




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